Travel warnings to German citizens travelling to Sweden

WVN – Since the beginning of March 2016, Sweden has been experiencing an increased level of terrorist warning.

Travel and articles in Stockholm are requested prudently in the city and on public transport to move to avoid large gatherings of people, and to follow instructions issued by the Swedish security police in any case. Especially during religious holidays and at major events such as concerts or festivals, special attention and vigilance are required.


Due to the current refugee situation Sweden has temporarily introduced border controls again. A valid travel document must be shown before boarding ferries to Sweden as well as buses, trains and ferries from Denmark to Sweden (see also section “Entry requirements”). Travel nde should be expected with short-term disabilities in travel traffic and associated waiting times.

The Foreign Office strongly advises that unknown persons, who may not have a valid identity card or entry visa, should be taken away. This could be prosecuted as a smuggling offense. For details, see General Travel Information.


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