Irishman who overstayed 90-day visa deported from US

WVNAn Irishman who overstayed 90-day visa by more than a decade has been deported from Boston – months after appearing on a national news program talking about being an illegal immigrant.

According to the Daily Mail UK,


A prominent Irishman who lived illegally in Boston for more than 15 years has been deported, sparking fear and anxiety within the state’s sizable Irish expat community.

John Cunningham, a 38-year-old electrical contractor, was deported to Ireland on Wednesday night, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed on Thursday.

Cunningham, who overstayed his 90-day visit in 2000, was arrested at his home on June 16 after he failed to appear in court following a $1,300 dispute with a customer.

He appeared on the RTE TV show Prime Time in March about Irish citizens in the US illegally, saying: ‘All of a sudden, you turn around and then too much time has gone by and you start to realize what is going to be in store for yourself for the future.’


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