History at Our Feet – Guatemala Moves Their Embassy to Jerusalem

Dr. Mike Evans, the founder of the Friends of Zion, attending the Embassy Dedication Ceremony with Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat as well as with Mr. Sheldon Adelson and Dr. Miriam Adelson.

WVNTR – On May 16, 2018, the Republic of Guatemala moved their embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital Jerusalem. President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala was the second head-of-state to make the courageous decision to move the Guatemalan Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel. The ceremony took place at the new Guatemalan Embassy in Jerusalem in the Malha neighborhood, and was attended by Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales and the Guatemalan Delegation, in addition to Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, Mr. Sheldon Adelson and Dr. Miriam Adelson and Dr. Mike Evans, Founder of the Friends of Zion Museum who has launched a campaign stating “President Morales is a Friend of Zion”.

Guatemala’s brave decision and support for the strengthening of Guatemala-Israel relations has earned them their place in history. In January, President Morales received the Friends of Zion Award, an award given to world leaders whom have gone “above and beyond” for Israel and her people, after declaring his intent to move Guatemala’s Embassy, yesterday was the day in which he delivered his promise.


On Tuesday, May 15th, President Morales visited the Friends of Zion Museum with his close family and children just a day before the opening of the new Guatemalan Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. The museum was the first place President Morales and his Family have visited in Israel. During the visit Dr. Evans presented President Morales with an engraved Jerusalem stone. The stone is the foundation of Israel’s capital city Jerusalem, and can be found all over the Holy City. The presented stone includes the symbol of the new Guatemalan Embassy and is inscribed with the words “Pray of the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure.” – Psalms 122.

FOZ Museum hosts thousands of Guatemalan tourists every year and was proud to host their President. The President was very moved by the Friends of Zion’s message of building bridges and supporting the State of Israel.

The Friends of Zion Museum reveals fascinating stories emphasizing the support and heroism of the many friends of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.  It serves as a portal to fight global anti-Semitism and to stand strong against the BDS movement.

The Museum is one of the newest attractions in the very heart of Jerusalem, inviting visitors from all over the world to experience the courageous stories of Christians who have supported the Jewish people and the State of Israel in the last 200 years. The FOZ Museum uses groundbreaking technology, exhibits that employ a wide range of integrated and interactive technologies, from 3D presentations and giant touch screens to video mapping projections on unique sculptures and much more.

The Friends of Zion, including our late International Chairman, Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres, presented awards to President George W. Bush, Crowne Prince Albert II of Monaco, and President Plevneliev of Bulgaria for their unwavering support for the State of Israel and Jewish people. Very recently, the Friends of Zion Award was presented to President Donald Trump and his Middle East Envoy: United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner, and Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt. During the past year we have hosted over 150,000 people including NBA superstars, such as Omri Casspi NFL superstars, actors, singer, political ministers, European Union Members and more.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center has become one of the central institutions in the State of Israel influencing the world and strengthening Israel’s relations globally while fortifying the pillars of the Israeli society.


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