A New Citizenship Judge Welcomes New Canadians at Pier 21

– Citizenship Judge Joan Mahoney

WVNTR – Halifax, NS New Citizenship Judge Joan Mahoney will preside over her first citizenship ceremony on Canada Day, officiating at a special ceremony at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Judge Mahoney will welcome 70 new citizens into the Canadian family.


Across Canada, 1,950 people will become Canadians at 46 special Canada Day citizenship ceremonies today.

Joan Mahoney is a career public servant who worked as a civilian employee of the Halifax Regional Police Service and for the Province of Nova Scotia. She has experience in writing government policy and interpreting and applying legislation and regulations for the Province of Nova Scotia’s 911 service.

As a citizenship judge, Joan Mahoney is responsible for making decisions on some citizenship applications, presiding over citizenship ceremonies and administering the oath of citizenship to new citizens. She will also play an important role in promoting Canadian citizenship and civic values in communities throughout Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces.

Citizenship judges are Governor in Council appointments. New appointees are chosen from a list of qualified candidates who have gone through an open, transparent and merit-based selection process.

“As a newly appointed Citizenship Judge, I’m delighted to join 70 newcomers and their families and friends at Pier 21 in Halifax for a special Canada Day Citizenship ceremony on July 1. Taking the Oath of Citizenship is the final step to becoming a Canadian citizen.

The ceremony is a significant and often emotional celebration where participants reflect on the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian citizen. The ceremony is also an opportunity for citizens to reaffirm their own citizenship. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Canada Day!”

– Citizenship Judge Joan Mahoney

“It always brings me great joy to be with new Canadians as they officially receive citizenship. The new Canadians will carry memories of this day with them always. For all of us, July 1 is a day to reflect on how fortunate we all are to live in this great country, a country where diversity is always celebrated as a strength.

I am pleased to welcome Joan Mahoney as a citizenship judge. She brings an impressive set of skills and experience to her position. I would like to congratulate Judge Mahoney on her success.”

– Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax

Quick facts

  • Over the last 10 years, Canada has welcomed nearly 1.7 million new Canadians.
  • Citizenship ceremonies are the end of a long process of immigration, settlement and integration for a newcomer to Canada. Ceremonies are a moving and emotional celebration. Taking the Oath of Citizenship is also a necessary legal step to citizenship.
  • Canada’s identity has been largely shaped by the significant cultural and economic contributions of immigrants. In Canada, diversity is our strength.
  • There are now 14 citizenship judges across the country, located in Halifax, Montreal, the Greater Toronto Area, Winnipeg, Edmonton, as well as in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia.

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