Opinion: Trump’s immigration plan is a sound start for an ultimate compromise The president is right to focus on skills-based immigration while ‘Dreamers’ are allowed a path to citizenship

President Trump’s proposal would increase visas for skilled immigrants, end chain immigration by limiting family visas to spouses and minor children, end the visa lottery and establish a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers. WVN – As promised in the recent budget negotiations, the Senate is engaged in an open debate on the status […]

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How Trump Could Handle The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Living In The U.S. This article was originally published on

WVN – While a good majority ― around 60% of Americans ― are willing to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, subject to some sort of provision to deal with their unlawful status, some Americans ― those who support President Trump in particular ― want them removed, pure and simple. Which way […]

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This is how an immigrant can enter Trump’s America

Image Credit: © Getty WVN – (The Hill) – On Oct. 18, the new travel ban — aka “Muslim Ban 3.0” — will be fully effective (unless recently-filed court challenges are successful.) Trump’s third try to ban Muslims works like this: The affected countries are Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. […]

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