Illegal Immigrants

Trump: Deport Illegal Immigrants Immediately, No Court Hearings

FILE – A Border patrol agent Sergio Ramirez talks with migrants who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into the U.S., in the Rio Grande Valley sector, near McAllen, Texas, April 2, 2018. WVNTR – U.S. President Donald Trump called Sunday for immediately deporting illegal immigrants entering the United States with “no Judges or Court […]

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Illegal Immigrants in UK Risk Losing Life’s Savings As Banks Start Passport Checks January

WVN – Nigerians and other nationals living illegally in the United Kingdom, or who live outside UK but maintain accounts there may lose their monies as banks have been directed to start checking customers’ passports before they withdraw money. Banks and building societies will carry out checks from January to see if account holders are […]

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How Trump Could Handle The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Living In The U.S. This article was originally published on

WVN – While a good majority ― around 60% of Americans ― are willing to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, subject to some sort of provision to deal with their unlawful status, some Americans ― those who support President Trump in particular ― want them removed, pure and simple. Which way […]

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